Make Extra Money From Your Unwanted Batteries

Make Extra Money From Your Unwanted Batteries

Sell batteries in Meridian, ID

When you change the battery in your car or boat, it's important to dispose of the old battery properly. The Battery Exchange offers you a place to sell batteries. We'll handle their disposal while you earn some money. You can ask us to remove your old battery and install a new one, or you can simply bring in an old battery and receive cash. Once they're turned in, the batteries are recycled or refurbished.

Sell batteries at our location in Meridian, ID now. Call 208-888-1700 for more information.

What are the benefits of battery exchange?

You know it's important not to throw away batteries, but why? There are several reasons for turning them in. They contain lead-acid and can harm the environment. Also, you should recycle or exchange your old batteries because:

  • It protects groundwater from metal poisoning
  • It reduces the waste in landfills
  • It's legally required in some states
  • It saves energy
  • It can earn you money
Don't throw away batteries. Instead, recycle. Battery acid is extremely dangerous if it gets into our water or is dumped in landfills. Sell batteries for extra cash in Meridian, ID today.