We Restore the Function of Batteries

We Restore the Function of Batteries

Our refurbishing process reenergizes your used-up batteries

Batteries won’t last forever, but we can restore them to like-new operational condition. The Battery Exchange has a battery refurbishing process that restores life to dead batteries of all sizes.

As a battery is used, crystals form inside the cell. Our refurbishing process fractures those crystals to clean the plate and give the battery new life. Contact The Battery Exchange today to learn more about the battery refurbishing process.

Our batteries work just like new ones

We’ll recharge any battery except for a dry cell, from the smallest ones used in watches and hearing aids to those that power heavy machinery. Our batteries cost between $29 and $59. Our refurbished batteries:

  • Are chemically the same as new batteries
  • Can last for at least three to four years
  • Last a decade or longer with proper maintenance

Enjoy the benefits of affordable batteries by visiting The Battery Exchange today.