Make Cash Fast Buy Selling Your Used Batteries To Us

Cars, Trucks, Boats.. The Battery Exchange buys all lead acid battery

Contact us today at (208) 888-1700 or stop by our store located in Meridian, ID to learn more about selling your used lead acid batteries.

We've Got the Power You Need

Save money by using refurbished batteries in Meridian, ID

When you're searching for affordable batteries, visit The Battery Exchange first.
We carry new and refurbished batteries at our Meridian, ID shop that are cheaper than those offered by our competitors.
You'll find the battery you need for anything from a watch to a forklift.

We price our vehicle batteries between $29 and $59.
We try to price them at half the cost of most new batteries, and we guarantee they'll be at least 5% cheaper than anything else you find on the market.
Our battery refurbishing store has all the batteries you need for your:

Car battery
Boat battery
Truck battery
RV/ Camper battery
Golf cart battery

We also carry AAA, AA, C, D and 9-volt batteries, as well as batteries for hearing aids and watches. We don't carry cellphone or laptop batteries.

Visit The Battery Exchange in Meridian, Idaho today or call us at (208) 888-1700 to find the refurbished batteries you need

Car or Boat Battery Not Preforming?

We restore power to dead batteries through our battery refurbishing process.

Here at Battery Exchange, we buy your old, dead lead-acid batteries and restore them to new again. Our battery refurbishing process in Meridian, ID restores the life of batteries that don't use a dry cell. We crack the internal crystals so your battery can generate the same level of power as a new one. Our process is electric, and we don't add anything to the battery's cell.

Contact The Battery Exchange today at (208) 888-1700 to learn more about the battery refurbishing process.

Switching Over To Green Energy?

We sell and install solar panels

If you'd like a way to save money on your utility costs, talk to us about solar energy today. We sell and install solar panels and batteries. We've installed 28 solar panel energy projects around the Meridian, ID valley and are in the process of opening a showroom. Solar panels are a great way to save money on your monthly power bill.

Call (208) 888-1700 today to learn about the benefits of solar energy for your home or office.

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